Scrap Battery Disposal Services

If your operation utilizes a fleet of forklifts, then you know damaged, dead, or otherwise non-usable batteries can be a significant challenge.  No matter how big or small your fleet of forklifts, proper storage, recycling or disposal of these scrap batteries can consume a lot of time and precious resources.


Southland Battery’s Cradle to Grave Environmental Protection

Southland Battery strives to take care of our planet and protecting you from penalties for environmental non-compliance.  We provide complete documentation for liability protection and arrange for the proper removal and transport of your spent batteries.


By disposing of your scrap batteries, you can achieve the following benefits:

  • Free up needed warehouse or workspace
  • Eliminate the environmental hazards associated with keeping spent batteries
  • Make your workplace safer for employees and customers
  • Reduce administrative and logistic headaches tied to scrap batteries
  • Simplify or reduce environmental regulatory paperwork and compliance


It simply makes smart business sense to dispose of your used batteries to Southland Battery.  Maximize the value to your batteries and reduce administrative and environmental headaches at the same time.


Just a phone call or e-mail away, we will come to your facility and pick up your spent batteries with no fuss and no worry expectations.

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