Our Vision is to be the highest quality provider of power management service and solutions in North America. We will strive to exceed our CUSTOMERS expectations 100% of the time. Our EMPLOYEES will be the best-trained professionals in the industry delivering exceptional service on behalf of our CUSTOMERS.




Southland Battery established in 1946 and built on a foundation of quality products that exceed the customers’ needs. Since its founding, as new battery products and power services have been introduced to the market, Southland Battery has been the industry leader in bringing new technologies and solutions into the market.



In the early seventies, Southland Battery launched its Motive Power Division. Strong growth and a rapidly increasing customer base allowed Southland to expand into Reserve Power, as well. After expansion, Southland Battery quickly became a powerhouse in the market, making it a true full service solutions provider.



With its continued success, Southland Battery relocated its operations from Corpus Christi to Houston. This move marked a significant milestone in Southland Batteries growth, providing closer proximity to new markets and a new facility.



Throughout the decades, Southland Battery’s commitment to superior customer service, quality products and customized power management solutions has been the cornerstone of its growth and success.



Today, Southland Battery, is the largest industrial battery and power management solution provider in South Texas.

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