Motive Power

We have a full line of motive power solutions from the top manufacturers. From forklifts, burden carrier, tuggers to automated guided vehicles (AGV’s).

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Reserve Power

Southland Battery has a wide array of critical power products and services to ensure that your business continuity plan is prepared to address the unfortunate reality of power outages.

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Equip. & Services

Do you want to upgrade your current system? Do you need an outside review of your power management needs? Put our expertise to work for you.

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Established in 1946, Southland Battery has the selection of quality products, solutions, and expert services for industrial batteries in the Lone Star state.


Today, Southland Battery is the largest industrial battery and power management solution providers in Texas. The key to our longevity and growth has been due to our attention to our customer’s needs, our expert solutions, and exceptional client service.


Solutions Customized For You

We can work with you to design customized power management solutions. We will ensure your operation has battery contingency plans in place. This will limit any potential downtime due to a battery, or related power failure by having the widest array of batteries and chargers in stock that are ready for delivery.


Contact us today and learn what we can do to help increase your uptime, decrease operational risk and supply you with the best batteries available.

We Would Be Happy to Discuss With You The Needs of Your Company. You’re Welcome to Contact Us Now.

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"Southland Battery offers a wide range of products, services and technical expertise. We always get a fair price, good customer service and on time delivery. They are now preferred vendor status and handle many of our locations nation wide."

Praxair - Sourcing Manager

"I work with many customers in South America. They have special requests for batteries that many times don’t have the clearest specification. Southland always translates, engineers the solution and provides all the support I need. We have exported all kinds of different batteries to South America that have been sourced by Southland Battery at very competitive prices."

Summit Electric - Juan Alvarado

"Here in Houston, there are numerous battery suppliers and we have tried them all. Southland Battery stands out with excellent service, pricing and delivery terms. Southland Battery is now our chosen provider."

Conch Company - Bruce Fryer

"Southland Battery maintains a huge stock of most batteries and coupled with excellent customer service and reliability is our main battery provider."

Dallas Raspberry

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